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Sourcing Investments Ltd

Stand Number: 322

www.sourcinginvestments.co.uk is THE online marketplace for investors to find prequalified property investment opportunities from compliant and vetted sourcing agents.  We provide "full service" opportunities, which means our sourcers can source the deal, determine the right strategy, manage the purchase, manage refurbishments and fitouts, and the enable lettings or sale of the finished property.  Our sourcers do this across the UK for investors from around the worled into flips, developments, HMOs and Buy-to- Lets.....all within a highly secure, trusted and proven investment marketplace

We provide our users with all of the tools and systems needed to get the project done and we do everything we can to smooth the buying, refurbishment and selling/letting process. This includes a searchable grid of investment opportunities, connection to our power team of experts and advisers, a highly secure and auditable communication and conversation area, a fully insurance backed escrow account and real human being support in the back office, plus much more.

Whether we’re dealing with smaller investors, or those acquiring extensive portfolios, we take pride in the quality of our product, our system and our customer service. We’re happy to say that our client feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Our clients are recognising what we have delivered, not least how much more simple we’ve made the investment process — and are delighted at the returns they’re making.