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Century 21 Investment Hub

Stand Number: 305

Property has long been considered one of the best investment options. Traditionally Buy to Let has been the first choice, for property investment, and over the years it has been a very successful option. However the dynamic has changed and not only it is becoming more difficult to enter into the Buy-to-Let market, with less stock available, but the new tax laws that will come into force this month will certainly affect the bottom line. Our latest opportunities include luxury eco-friendly spa & resorts and eco lodges. Now is the time to look at an attractive alternative C21 Lodges should be given consideration whether you are looking to enter into the Buy to Let market, or indeed if you have a Buy to Let Portfolio, there are no start-up costs, no stamp duty, no cost involved for improving the property, no admin costs including letting agent fees and no solicitor fees. Most importantly these luxury lodges are considered as “Plant and Machinery” and therefore the new tax laws will not affect this investment. Clients with Buy to Let portfolio should look at the potential this will bring i.e it can be written off over a number of years against any potential tax liabilities, and a great investment opportunity for holiday homes and additional income. C21 Lodges are available in two or three bedroom options with luxurious fitments throughout, with an entry price of £185,000 this is truly an option worth considering. There will also be an opportunity to invest with fixed quarterly returns paying 8% per annum.