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My Property Stream

Stand Number: 320

Our vision and focus are based around one basic principal – when it comes to investment, keep it simple. We believe that during good times and bad, a fair portion of any investment portfolio should be reserved for simple, easy to understand investments that make sense, regardless of market conditions. Over the last 50 years the property market has consistently outperformed traditional investment areas by some way. I’m sure you will agree, no one ever said ‘safe as the stock market’. Generally, property is a lower risk and less volatile investment, but still shows the highest reward of the major asset classes. Here’s what you can expect from us... ◦Clear Communication - We, like most people don’t like jargon. Although it is difficult to avoid in some situations we prefer to explain complex matters in simple plain language. ◦Timely Support – We pride ourselves at being available and ready to help through a variety of mediums and immensely value an on-going flexible relationship with our clients. ◦Transparency – When dealing with us there are no surprises, we never charge you a fee for our service, however we will make it clear from the outset of any fees or charges involved. ◦Personalisation – Each person we deal with is different so our approach is based on listening rather than talking. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We like to ask questions and then do our very best to show you the perfect options for your needs. ◦Objective – We do not offer our own properties or investments. We do not have a ‘set list’ of options we offer like IFA’s and banks. We have access to the entire spectrum of property investment options, which means we can provide options that’s right for you