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Selina Finance

Stand Number: 525

Unlock the wealth you’ve built up in your home

Selina Finance offers secured Business and Investment Property Loans that give you flexible funding within a few days – all done online. Borrow up to £400,000. Rates starting at 4.95% for the Business and Investment Property Loan.

Access your home equity now

Selina Finance

Fast, digital process

Obtaining a loan should not be difficult, so we have reconsidered the credit process to give customers an affordable loan more quickly.

Get your indicative rate

Fill out the Get-A-Rate form. We will then evaluate your details and send you an indicative offer.

Submit additional info online

Enter details such as your monthly repayments and details about your business and send us supporting documents. We will asses your information and determine whether you are eligible to receive a loan offer.

Receive your loan offer

Fill out the loan offer and potentially consult a solicitor before you sign the loan offer.

Sign your loan

Sign your loan offer with a witness.

Receive loan payment

Once we have received your signed loan form we will immediately transfer the loan to your bank account.

How do I contact Selina?

You can either call us at: 020 8133 0157 or write us an e-mail: info@selinafinance.co.uk