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Harewood Associates

Stand Number: 202

The Harewood Share Deal

Buy shares in a highly profitable residential development and receive a share of the profits. Typically an investor can expect a return in the region of 15% per annum and in some cases we have delivered over 20% returns to investors.

The Share Deal gives investors the opportunity to invest in a variety of high profit residential developments. Each development is owned by a single purpose vehicle (or SPV). This is a simple, private limited company set up for the sole purpose of buying, developing and selling a single residential development. As an investor, you will own shares in this company and therefore when the property is sold, you will receive a share of the profits in proportion to the amount of the shares you own

For example if you purchase 50% of the shares, you are entitled to 50% of the profit when the property has sold.

Share the investment, Share the return – Typically between 15% to 20%  interest per annum

Asset backed security
As a shareholder you receive the full benefits and security of property ownership without the hassles or liabilities of directly owning property.

The Single Purpose Vehicle (SPV) minimises risks to the investor
The SPV has no borrowings, no employees, no leases, no rent agreements, etc and therefore attracts a minimal liability or risk for the investor.

Completely passive investment
You purchase shares in the SPV and we do the rest.

The SPV is set up and managed by a respected law firm
A specialist firm of solicitors form the SPV and ensure that it is compliant with all current legislation and regulations.

Investment money is secured in Solicitor client account
Shares are purchased through the solicitors and the investment is held by the solicitors in a client account. Funds are released to the developer in key stages of the development process.

Low entry level
Opportunity to invest in a high profit deal with minimal investment (minimum purchase approx. £5K).

Average returns of 15% to 20%
This is an unrivalled level of return in the marketplace for a UK based, asset backed investment of this type.

Ability to spread your investment over a number of deals
Purchase shares simultaneously in several different projects.

All developments are UK based
Comparable evidence of recently sold properties along with R.I.C.S. qualified valuers/Estate agents opinions of end values are presented within the investment prospectus. Our profit projections are always clear and realistic.

Projects carried out by vastly experienced development team
Our team have cumulatively developed over 5000 new build and converted residential homes throughout their careers.

We don’t charge any management fees
We are paid 25% of the net profits after the sale of the development. If we fail to generate a profit, we don’t receive anything.

Easy access to your investment
We offer an option to sell your shares to other shareholders should you need to access your investment before the development has been sold.

The Harewood Fixed Rate Option 10% p/a interest

Interest is fixed

Nearly all other investments offering such an attractive return are subject to fluctuation. The fixed return option from Harewood offers a predictable level of income.

Investments are secured by way of debentures on UK residential developments

The investment is secured on increasing value asset

Interest is paid into your account monthly

Whether you have a busy career or enjoying retirement, you can carry on with life knowing that your savings are producing a healthy income, month after month.

Invest from £5,000 up to £1,000,000

You can now invest from as little as £5,000

Only 3 months notice required to withdraw investment (after the initial 12 month term)

Most other investments insist that you tie up your investment for several years.

Our track record in delivering market beating returns is unrivalled.

We have a 100% track record in generating returns for our investors. Our team have developed in excess of 5000 residential properties and we have never sold a property at a loss.

A clear and transparent investment

We use the investment to finance the purchase and development of highly profitable residential developments throughout England and Wales.

Honesty, integrity and personal service are the key principles of the company.

If you are interested in a UK based investment opportunity offering a safe, unrivalled return, please call at stand 202 and talk to one of the team or contact us before the show:

Telephone:01204 382640

Post:20 Chorley New Road, Bolton BL1 4AP

Email: info@harewoodassociates.co.uk

Web: www.harewoodassociates.co.uk