Grow Your Business to Survive the Tax Changes: Tax-Efficient Alternatives to Limited Companies


Date: Friday 03-04-2020
Room: 6
Time: 12:20
Duration: 40
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Has your accountant told you that your tax payments could exceed your profits by 2022?

Do you understand the cash flow implications of Section 24 as they apply to you?

Are you thinking about incorporating your property business?

For most Portfolio Landlords who are or intend to become higher rate tax-payers, accounting for tax on property profits in personal names is now no longer an option.

Tony Gimple takes a hard-hitting look at some of the alternatives – including limited companies, plus what happens if you do nothing.

Because whilst Section 24 (the so-called tenant tax) is all but fully implemented, in cash-flow terms the worst is yet to come.

Join Tony for a presentation on how to maximise the commercial benefits of building, running, and growing a recognised professional property business.

Speaker Profiles

Tony Gimple

Since the mid-1980s Tony Gimple has been helping people to protect their hard-earned wealth for themselves and those they care about most.

Regularly featured in property industry press and found on expert panel debates with the likes of Andrew Neil, Kate Faulkner and Iain Duncan Smith; Tony is a respected commentator on how landlords can maximise the commercial benefits of building, running and growing a recognised professional property business.

As well as co-founding Less Tax 4 Landlords,  Tony was one of the first to embed mortgage brokers into estate agents with Legal & General and he helped to set up and run the UK's first mainstream fee-based financial planning business for American Express. He also co-founded Chancery Law Group, one of the UK's first deregulated law firms as well as Planned Succession, a specialist business and estate succession planning firm.