Managing Welfare Reform | Universal Credit - Housing Benefit - Section 24-Eviction


Date: Friday 28-04-2017
Room: 5
Time: 14:30
Duration: 60
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Almost every day the media is full of articles and discussions surrounding Universal Credit, the Government’s Welfare Reform agenda and a range of associated legislative changes impacting on the landlord community. Given the interest in these topics, we have organised a panel of recognised experts to answer your questions on a range of related topics, including Universal Credit, Housing Benefit Overpayments, Rent Arrears and problematic tenants needing to be evicted.

Social and Private landlords are finding themselves faced with many worrying issues relating to the expansion of Universal Credit which is now gathering pace throughout the country and causing hardship and anxiety to both tenants and landlords. Universal Credit is being blamed for exacerbating rental loss, mainly as a result of delays and errors in the initial payment, and problems arising from Alternative Payment Arrangements (APA). The whole system is a completely different ball game from the previous Local Housing Allowance system (LHA).

This panel session will be chaired by Property Investor News magazine Editor - Richard Bowser.

Speaker Profiles

Paul Shamplina

Paul Shamplina has spent over 28 years in the legal field helping landlords with problem tenants, with previous experience working as a clerk, private investigator, debt collector and certified bailiff.

In 1999, he set up Landlord Action to put this expertise to good use, specialising in fixed-fee property recovery and tenant eviction in England and Wales.  He has acquired a reputation as “The Landlord’s Friend” having co-written two books with fellow property expert, Kate Faulkner, to help landlords manage their properties.

A down to earth Londoner, Paul travels the country speaking, giving advice and carrying out regular seminars to landlords and letting agents. 

Paul believes passionately in the rights of landlords (and tenants where necessary), and campaigns tirelessly to improve standards throughout the private rented sector.  He was invited to give evidence to a cross-party Parliamentary Group on the private rented sector in relation to retaliation evictions as part of The Deregulation Act 2015.

As part of the ‘Fair Possessions Coalition, he has also been an active participant in government consultations on the topic of speeding up the eviction process, abolishing Section 21 evictions and housing court reforms and is also on the advisory council for the Property Investors Bureau to regulate the property education sector. Paul was particularly instrumental in the law which made squatting a criminal offence from September 2012.

Paul regularly appears in the national press, radio and television.  He has appeared in numerous productions including: BBC’s Breakfast, The One Show, ITV’s Tenants From Hell and Channel 4 News. Most recently, Paul and his team at Landlord Action have featured regularly in Channel Five’s hit series ‘Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords’ (2015 - present) and he has just started filming for the sixth series due to air in Spring 2020. Paul has also co-hosted the ‘The Property Hour’ with Clive Bull on LBC Radio, and regularly contributes his expert guidance on BBC Radio London’s Drivetime with Eddie Nestor.

Paul has featured in The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian and Daily Mail, as well as numerous other national, regional and local newspapers, offering expert advice and highlighting the plights and success stories within his field.  Reported success stories include Paul’s recovery of £90,000 rent arrears in a single case and seeing notorious serial subletting scammer, Rose Chimuka, brought to justice.

Richard Bowser

Editor | Property Investor News Magazine

One of the very few independent market commentators who, from 2002 onwards, regularly warned private investors as to the very clear risk factors relating to the purchase of new-build apartments for investment. In early 2007 Richard emphatically predicted that mortgage lending would quickly become more difficult and expensive and that investors should avoid carrying excessive debt levels on low yielding property. 

Roll forward just a few years and the impact of the banks’ increased risk aversion to property lending was plain to see, but back in 2007 the boom was still in progress and Richard's oft issued words of caution were foolishly ignored by many investors who remain in negative equity or faced repossession.  

Over the last decade Richard has regularly spelt out to investors the inherent risk of speculative investment strategies based on low yields and excessively high LTV borrowing. A sought after speaker at many property investor and landlord events, Richard’s views are widely recognised and valued - most importantly by the thousands of subscribers to ‘Property Investor News’.

Bill Irvine

Bill Irvine was Head of Benefits, Revenues & Advice Services at one of the UK’s largest councils; acted as local government advisor to the Housing Benefit Standing Committee, Westminster; for many years acted as a welfare rights advocate and tutored on HB/Rent Arrears issues, on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Housing.

He was one of the principal witnesses at the DWP Select Committee, Westminster hearings, relating to Local Housing Allowance in January 2010, where some of his recommendations were adopted as “Good practice” in subsequently produced DWP Guidance. He currently operates UC Advice & Advocacy Ltd acting as representative of tenants, Private Landlords and Housing Associations in their respective HB/LHA/UC negotiations with DWP/councils and, rather uniquely, represents them in disputes before First and Upper-tier tribunals.

He also writes regular articles on UC/LHA related topics and responds to Landlord’s queries and complaints via various web-based forums, including his own website.

Sherrelle Collman

Sherrelle Collman has a vast amount of experience of the private rented sector and extensive knowledge of housing within the welfare sector. She has a strong presence on a number of Landlord Forums and is well respected in the property sector.

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