Don’t let the Tax Tail wag the planning dog!


Date: Saturday 21-04-2018
Room: 7
Time: 13:45
Duration: 45
Cost: £0.00
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The tax and mortgage changes are now upon us and, whilst time is rapidly running out to successfully offset the onslaught, be careful not to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire!

When deciding what the next steps are for you and your property business, keeping in mind the big picture is key.

Instead of asking yourself how you can save tax, ask, “how can I maximise the benefits of building, growing and running a recognised professional property business?”

In this information-packed seminar, Tony Gimple will cover some of the different structures by which you can own property - and what maximising the commercial benefits of running a recognised professional property business really means.

In addition, Tony will look at:

  • What S24 will cost you if you do nothing
  • The PRA requirements for portfolio landlords
  • What you can achieve by running a recognised professional property business

So yes, it’s heating up.  But don’t let the tax tail wag the planning dog. Attend this session and learn more.

Speaker Profiles

Tony Gimple

Co-owner of Less Tax for Landlords, Tony Gimple is a personal estate and business succession planning expert. He is also a serial entrepreneur with a list of firsts to his name. Tony pioneered embedding mortgage brokers into estate agents with Legal & General, helped to set up the UK's first mainstream fee based financial planning business for American Express, and co-founded the UK's first deregulated law firm (which in part led to the Legal Services Act that allows non-solicitors to own and run law firms). A regular panel member on Property Question Time, he has also written the Less Tax 4 Landlords guide to Owning Investment Property, and ghost authored the Sunday Telegraph Guide to Wills, Trusts, & Inheritance Tax.Tony most enjoys helping people protect their hard-earned wealth for themselves and those they care about the most, whilst at the same time maximising the commercial benefits of running a professional property business.