Deal Flow, Cash Flow and Quality Delivery


Date: Friday 12-04-2019
Room: 6
Time: 13:15
Duration: 40
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Attention Property Developers!

In this session, Dapatchi Group founder - Dan Pattrick - shares his interesting story (a personal case study) and explains the thoughts and actions taken to build the Dapatchi Group to 43 million over 18 Development sites, in under 5 years, starting from zero.

He will share his strategy on how to overcome deal flow, cash flow and quality of delivery issues amongst other great takeaways.

Dan is a straight-talking business man with a great story and a great message which will challenge the way you see your business, and ask big questions about exactly what you can achieve. 

An inspiring presentation - and not to be missed.

Speaker Profiles

Dan Pattrick

A highly astute, no nonsense property developer who has a gift for finding clarity and getting to the route of things quickly, Dan Pattrick is the founder of Dapatchi Group, a national development, consultation and design business which, like Dan, is built on values such as transparency, adding value and problem solving.

Dan has been involved in property for many years starting from the ground floor as a maintenance man providing a deep-seated knowledge base of buildings and business. 'Team Dapatchi' deliver industry excellence across multiple sectors with specialist skillsets in redevelopment of old commercial buildings. Dan's values, drive and depth of knowledge stand him and Dapatchi apart from the crowd.