Old Faithful? Investing in Property in the US


Date: Friday 12-04-2019
Room: 2
Time: 17:25
Duration: 40
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There are many reasons people buy property in the US, but – in 2019 – does it look like a good place to make money? Among the items to consider are:

... Are the political and economic ups and downs damaging the market?

... What are its longer-term prospects? 

... Where is performing best – and which are the places to avoid?

... What about emigration to the US?

Are you so fed up with our politicians you want a bit of Trump?

Speaker Profiles

John Howell

John Howell is the Founder and Editor of Guides.Global – a website providing written and video guides to how things really work in other countries. Boasting over 30 years of experience in dealing with international legal and property problems, he is widely recognised and respected as a leading figure – and a leading legal adviser – in the field of international property. He has written many books about the subject, including several titles in 'The Sunday Times ® Guide to buying a Property in ...' series and two 'International Law' volumes of the prestigious Butterworths Encyclopaedia of Forms & Precedents - a major text book for lawyers.

He was also the Editorial Director of OPP – the voice of the international property industry - and has appeared many times in the press and on radio and TV as an expert on international law and property.  He has also presented seminars about property investment all over the world. He was a founder member of and (for several years) a board member of AIPP (the Association of International Property Professionals).

Francine Carrel

Francine Carrel is the Assistant Editor of Guides.Global. She specialises in writing about overseas property and law, having previously been an international property reporter with OPP.

She now works with legal professionals at Guides.Global to get useful information for expats and international property investors into the public eye.