Attention all landlords in the private rented sector: learn how to protect your business from the three big taxes, The Landlord Tax, Inheritance Tax, and Capital Gains Tax


Date: Friday 12-04-2019
Room: 3
Time: 14:55
Duration: 40
Cost: £0.00
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This session will explain all you need to know to solve The Landlord Tax, Inheritance Tax & Capital Gains Tax conundrum.

The session will be presented by Simon Howitt - an experienced landlord and senior partner at Acuity Professional, a leading accountancy and tax practice.  

Come and hear Simon’s key strategies and shared wisdom.  If you have not solved the landlord tax and inheritance tax don’t miss this seminar. 

Speaker Profiles

Simon Howitt

Simon Howitt is an experienced landlord and senior partner at Acuity Professional - a Top 80 accountancy and tax practice.  

Simon leads the specialist property team which has worked with 800+ landlords helping then grow and structure their business to overcome the Landlord Tax, Inheritance Tax and much much more.