How to find and execute the killer deal


Date: Friday 03-04-2020
Room: 7
Time: 14:20
Duration: 40
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How do you find great property investment deals?  What does great actually look like? What are the factors and ingredients for a great deal, including buying well, adding value and ensuring a strong demand for your asset?  Where do I find the best ones? Are there any great deals within a ten mile radius of where I live? Who can I trust and how do I avoid the sharks? Why don’t I use a property sourcer, there are loads on facebook?!!  How on earth can I invest remotely, well beyond my own doorstep? 

In this session Chris Dowty gives his insight into how to find - and more importantly safely execute - high performing property investments and explains why you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself or be limited to just the area that you live in. 


Speaker Profiles

Chris Dowty

Chris Dowty is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sourcing Investments. Chris had previously worked in large corporates, such as PA consulting and Intel Corporation, before immersing himself in the property sector. He is an experienced property investor in his own right - including leading a £35m London-based property fund and building his own HMO and BTL portfolio. Chris has also trained and mentored a large number of International and UK property investors on their own property journey.

Chris is always the person to ask ‘why’ and challenge the status quo – and after seeing the challenges faced by his own property investment trainees venturing into the largely unregulated property investing market he decided to do something about it. That’s how Sourcing Investments was born – to create a secure, trusted and independent marketplace, giving investors that crucial line of sight to local investments and teams they could not secure themselves.

His limited spare time is mostly spent with his wife and their dog, or he is at the gym. Oh, and he enjoys a bit of golf, with his modest handicap of 3, so if you’d prefer a discussion over a round of golf rather than a desk, then let him know!